Saying something now…

…because I won’t feel like saying anything later.

For once, I’m trying to be realistic about what comes next. In under 24 hours (more like 17) Sarah will walk back down a jetway and board a flight back to her mother. I always try to convince myself that “I’ll be fine” and it won’t really affect me, the practical part of me knows that tomorrow I won’t feel like blogging. At all.

So, I’ve decided to ask my blog-friends for help. When you read this tomorrow (as I assume most of you will), would you please remind me to write more. Write something. Write anything. I always feel better when I do…and I’m gonna need all the kicks in the pants I can get to push me across the chasm between writing nothing and writing something.

I’ve got the genesis of a music-based post largely inspired by finding that picture of my 1974 Van, as well as the next few “What I’m Looking For” lines in various states of done (and by done I mean partial drafts and/or fragments) so I should be able to wrap myself around something.

Or I can just go off on my opinion about substituting “Young Earth Creationism” for science in school curriculum. I’ve got a good sized blog post about that built up after a week with Sarah and “I don’t need to learn that because GodDidIt” being a good enough excuse for a nine-year-old lacking a fundamental understanding of things like heliocentrism, what stars are, the minimal basics of biology, or the fact that atomic particles aren’t imaginary and just made up by scientists who refuse to believe in GodDidIt.

Anyway, I could (and just might) go off on that for quite the spiel but now isn’t the time.

Now is the time to ask for help. Tomorrow will suck, and I need people to remind me to do the things that help me get past the suck that I never remember to do when things suck.

So…please…start reminding me tomorrow. I will deeply appreciate it.

13 thoughts on “Saying something now…

  1. I shall resist the urge to snark all over your shoes and simply say, please write more. kthankxbye

    The possibility of great puddles of snark laying around seems like a good reason to switch over from Birkenstocks to my Ariat barn shoes…

  2. I’m intrigued by the GodDidIt post…and the music post…and the continuance of the ‘what you’re looking for’ post…and anything else you want to share.

    I was actually trying to post something tonight, but that seems unrealistic. I actually started in on a blog post while sitting in the airport, so hopefully that will get posted “soon” (which is a length of time adjusted for my current emotional state).

    Good luck tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you guys.

    Thanks. Honestly, thanks.

  3. Or maybe you should switch to your now mud covered rubber boots. I don’t think I’d want snark on MY Ariats!

    True, snark is pretty hard to wash off…it’s sticky, it stains, and sometimes it smells pretty bad to boot!

  4. Because, in 4 years of marriage, you haven’t. You’ve never bought me riding boots. Sandals, heels I don’t wear, athletic shoes, garden clogs… But not riding boots.

    As you are the chooser of the shoes acquired, I REALLY don’t think pointing at ME and saying “didn’t buy me riding boots” is entirely fair. 😛

    And yes, snarking back was worth having to buy you new Ariats now (which, for those of you not sitting on the couch next to us, was the penalty if I snarked back).

  5. YAY! New boots!

    (she was just quoting me preemptively quoting her).

    I will put the new boots on my Amazon list.

    Notice the Amazon list isn’t called a “Wish” list. It’s the “shit you should have already bought me, dumbass” list. Make sure to say that with Red’s voice from That 70’s Show. Emphasis on the “dumbass.”

    I am the Eric Foreman of blog-land.

  6. Yours are only rubber and they kept me from losing my spiffy pink garden clogs today. So, shush! It’s not like you were wearing them anyway!

    You were protected by my rubbers…I’m…I’m not even sure where to go with that. I know where I could go with that…but…yeah.

    Yay for rubber boots!

  7. Hey…I want new boots!!!

    Based on the range of choices OS found last night, I would recommend Amazon. Probably not the cheapest place to buy boots if you have to pay shipping (YAY for Prime!), but the selection seemed excellent.

  8. Wait…I thought YOU were buying the boots? Is this not a Free Boot Giveaway?!?!

    Sorry, the candidate list for free boots is currently extremely limited (I count four: one adult, one teenager, two kids) and all positions are currently filled. No openings are planned at this time.

  9. But the Ariat choices were kinda slim pickins for my size and desires. We may skip Amazon and look elsewhere like Rods.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there goes free shipping 😛

    My Ariats are 12 yrs and 6 yrs old, respectively. I do think it’s time to get a new pair.

    That I can’t really argue with. Mine are almost brand new and still “good to go” (and also my second pair).

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