Pardon the Interruption, We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Last week I noticed something when I posted, my stats were all screwed up. Since I have like NO stats, that was both difficult to quantify and hardly important.

Then I noticed that comments were being erratic.

Then I installed the JetPack plugin (which I LOVE).

Then my stats are back, but the comments thing officially became a crisis (in the very VERY unimportant sense of the word crisis).

Apparently JetPack and Akismet have “a thing” and that thing makes prior approvals go boom. Which means if you tried to comment in the last few days, unless I happened to see your comment in a very narrow time period (of less than 15 minutes) your comment was tossed out of the spam filter and lost forever.

I know that Allison and Rachel had comments get trapped, and one of Rachel’s even wound up lost to the digital aether. What I don’t know is if anyone else commented. If you did, it’s gone. And I’m REALLY sorry, because comments are what I like best about my blog. I promise they didn’t get destroyed on purpose.

So, if you try to comment now, I believe that things are once again on track. If you have any issues, please let me know. I can always be reached at my “mybadpants” gmail address.

The other neat thing is that my RSS feed went, as they say, “all to hell.” If you read through a feed reader, then the last post, and possibly last two posts didn’t show up. While that’s not a huge deal, I just thought some of you might like to know.

Anyway, hopefully we’re back to normal operating procedures around here.

4 thoughts on “Pardon the Interruption, We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

  1. p-r-e-p-a-r-a-t-i-o-n

    (that was a test :-) )

    YAY! Test successful! I suspect that you lost at least one comment into the digital abyss, and I’m sorry about that. I knew something “was up” but I didn’t realize quite how bad things had gotten until last night.

  2. Thank GOD. I’d been regretting my comment about deli meats, duct tape, and a javelin for the last 48 hours…


    …deli meats, duct tape, and a javelin…


    I have no words. I have some kind of metaphorical mental-image combination that…nope. No Words.

  3. don’t worry about mine, I noticed the first one didn’t post, so I tried again. It was the exact same thing.

    Ok…I won’t stress about it. I just HATE to lose comments. They’re the best part of this blog. :-)

  4. your writing is the best part of the blog, silly

    Without feigning false modesty, I respectfully disagree. I deeply appreciate what you mean, and the compliment is taken with a happy heart; but FOR ME, I disagree, and here’s why:

    My writing might be great, my writing might be awful (and depending on how little editing a post has gotten at the point when someone reads it, it might be both at different times), but it’s solo. The comments are a chance to do the most important thing in the world, talk to someone else.

    I don’t have to blog to write for myself, but I do have to publish if I want other people to read it. This blog is a chance to talk about things with people I genuinely like to talk to. That’s SO MUCH better than just writing for myself.

    I’ll always be able to read my writing, but it takes a true moment of connection to talk with someone else. Therefore, the comments are FOR ME the best part of this blog.

    I certainly don’t write the blogs explicitly FOR comments, i.e. I don’t let the “commentability” of a particular subject or passage affect how I write (at least I hope not), but I do enjoy reading and writing responses to comments more than just about anything else I do on the interwebs.

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