The most consistent feedback I used to get while writing Dead Charming, was that my posts were “just so long” or “took SO LONG to read” or similar.

Professionally I write book length fiction;  So, to that end, I think of most writing exercises as logical units of roughly 2000 to 5000 words, give or take.  The typical 300 word blog post just doesn’t fit up with the way my brain works when I sit down to really write out what I’m thinking about.

I’ve decided to use that feedback constructively.  All of my posts here will be categorized so you’ll know what you’re getting before you jump in:

  • Big, honken, “oh my GAWD that’s a lot of words” type posts will be categorized as “Chapters” and if you want in, expect a 2000+ word count and a fifteen minute time commitment.  The chapters are probably going to receive continuous editing and return touch-ups.  There’s a lot of stuff about my family that I’d love to turn into a full on tome someday, and a lot of that stuff is going to see the first light of day here.
  • Moderately lengthy commentary on past posts, or posts that flesh out a prior chapter (or more likely a single element of a prior chapter) will be categorized as “Footnotes” and will probably run in the 1000 to 2000 word ballpark.  Maybe more, maybe less.
  • Off the cuff/”one off” chunks of brief commentary or silly anecdotes will end up categorized as “Parenthetical Asides” (because I love parenthetical asides more than air and water combined) and will probably run in the sub 1000 word range.  Or more.  Or just be a link to a silly video, who knows.
  • Finally, posts from my iPhone/twitter-esque whatever will fall under the category of “Scribbles” because, honestly, what else to you call a thought crammed into 172 characters?

Also, as my past record indicates, I’m not a “write something no matter how trivial” every day kind of writer.  While BIC works WONDERS when writing fiction, I’m not likely to post something here just for the sake of posting something.

On the other hand, I’ve never been short of something to say.  Ever.  So that might not be much of a problem.