Life is funny. I have days where I feel like I’ve just about spent everything in me to shove some professional rock up some professional hill and for all that effort I made headway that MIGHT be measurable with a microscope if it’s REALLY powerful and you look REALLY close. I end those days tired, frustrated, and generally not in the best frame of mind. Yesterday was one of those days. It just sucked for no good reason, and it was a challenge pretty much from the moment the alarm went off until long after midnight.

But something else happened yesterday. Some friends of mine on Facebook said something really nice about my writing over there. It instantly lifted my whole day, and I was honestly touched by their kind words and the words other friends added to the conversation.

Late in that conversation another friend said “If you had a blog, I’d read it” which amused me because my blog is directly linked from my profile and hardly a secret. But I’m not much for self promotion, so there’s not exactly a huge glowing neon sign that says “Nick Blogs Over Here” with an arrow pointing this way. Still, I figured I should take the opportunity and I put up a link to this blog and to serialstoryteller.com so friends who want to read more of my writing know where to find it.

Then someone very kindly pointed out that the landing page is a bit of a mess right now, as I left off abruptly when NaNoWriMo started and I haven’t really been back since.

So, some explanation. This blog is sort of my “anecdotes from my life” which I try to keep humorous or at least interesting as I write them. There’s a lot of general stream of consciousness stuff as well, or just updates and picture sets and whatnot. But there’s also some stuff here that’s very personal, and that I’m honestly very proud of.

Someone asked “you wrote a LOT of stuff, and some of it is REALLY long, what should I start with?” and I thought that was a pretty good question.

I’m not sure what’s “the best” but off the top of my head, I’m the most proud of the following (in no particular order):

163 States of Compassion (a glimpse into my spirituality, which I’m hoping to see published this year in a revised form)
If you waxed this you’d get less smurf on your hands (my high-school wheels and the music that drove us)

The “What I’m Looking For” series (a sort of autobiography set against the lyrics of the U2 song of the same name)
especially Line 9 (how I ended up at Gem State…and how generations of fathers and sons affect each other)
an Line 12 (one random day in a college art class)
and Line 13 (my first time…sort of…it’s complicated)

Also, I reposted three posts from my older blog Dead Charming:
He Knows the Hour and the Day (about my Son’s death and the difficulty of divorce)
Something Old Made New Again (about the first girl I loved)
and How Sweet Life Is (the eulogy I gave for my Wenatchee Gramma)

Going forward, I’m focusing on my fiction writing, which I’ll be posting/working through over on serialstoryteller.com as the muse strikes. And I need the muse to strike because I have had some developments on that front and I’m basically committed to writing another 75k words of fiction between now and the end of July.

In the short-term, I suspect that mybadpants.com will be “on hiatus” like a middling sit-com during sweeps. I’ll be back here, writing more tales from a sometimes interesting life soon, but not too soon.

4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Ha ha ha! As the “Muse” strikes! She better not! And now she’s home, she better be inspiring you to crank out the works for all the fancy, spendy training she’s going to need to succeed!

    Man, it was a funny joke right up until my wallet cried out in pain from your last line…why? WHY would you remind me of that?!?

    (jk) :-)

  2. You, Sir, have been all work and no fun (aka boring)!

    I fail to see how this is unusual.

    Now, either be fun, or write something not for work here.

    Working on it right now actually…

    Or I won’t bake blueberry muffins for you! Ever!

    HEY NOW!!! That’s a SERIOUS threat!!! I’m not sure a world without your blueberry muffins would be worth living in!

  3. Yeah, DAYS after I commented! You’ve left me to languish of boredom and puffiness all week!

    WordPress doesn’t seem to want to tell me when you comment, I’m not sure why.

    The interwebz have declared no joy and you have been all work and no fun.

    Yes, yes…earning monies for stuffs does lack in the whoohoo department.

    I just might die of boredom before we have this baby at this rate!

    Well, the alternative is baby-chest-burster in there gets all worked up and does you in from too much walking; so boredom is just a risk you’re going to have to take. :-)

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