Send in Rambo, I’m MIA but not dead yet…

Just kidding, please don’t send in a ‘Nam vet with unresolved PTSD.

A couple of people noticed that some links and comments went…missing. I thought I would address the question a couple of people had and say categorically “NO, we’re not having issues.” Let me explain.

Someone related to someone related to me found my blog, and liked it. Liked it so much they’re paying me real money to write some related articles for a local news magazine. That’s cool. Not so cool, is that full disclosure required talking the development over with my parents. Which led to my mother visiting my little slice of the interwebs.

While I’m not at all ashamed of what I’ve written, it did prompt a couple of things, including a quick whitewash of links and comments that someone didn’t want readily visible while my mom was clicking around…because people should have the right to write a personal blog without their in-laws showing up and taking a peek…

All comments and links are back up, I don’t expect to have any more visitors anytime soon.

I will admit it had a bit of a chilling affect on my own writing. It’s one thing to split open your soul and spill it gently onto other people’s screens over the internet, it’s something else to know that the screen where it’s showing up next is your mother’s.

As I said, I don’t expect any more visitors for a while, so I hope to get back into the swing of things and start posting regularly again. I’ve got about a dozen drafts in the works, so hopefully I have enough material to get deep into November. Which is good, because I’ll be participating in NANOWRIMO again this year…you can follow that over on Serial Storyteller if you want to watch me train wreck in week two again. How’s that for positive thinking?

7 thoughts on “Send in Rambo, I’m MIA but not dead yet…

  1. I felt that same dampening effect on my writing when I learned that my darling, proud-of-me husband, shared my blog URL with his whole family.


    And then… I yelled a mental “screw it” and went back to not writing much about them anyway.

    Good for you! I for one am very glad you’ve kept on writing.

    Still, it weirds me out that they know so much about the inner workings of my mind and will bring it up in conversation, in front of other folks, and then explain by saying, “Oh, well, TIFFANY has this WEBSITE thing… Snickerdoodle, or something like that…”

    Early after finding your blog I once referred to it as “Snark Classes” because I had confused snerk and snark…and conflated the “ology” with taking classes during my time as an Anthropology/Archaeology student.


    Yeah, sorry.

    Anyway, glad you’re with the positive thinking, good luck with NaNoWriMo!

    Thanks! I’m actually going to do it “the right way” this year and stay up until midnight on Sunday and actually just dive in…I’ve got a lot of outline and synopsis material, and I already wrote drafts of some of these chapters (that sucked) so I’m re-writing them from scratch. All New Words, just like NANOWRIMO requires.

    So at the stroke of midnight on All Hallows Day, I’ll be banging keys and updating Serial Storyteller as I go along.

  2. I’m glad you’re back! I was wondering what happened, but didn’t want to nag.

    Oh, nag away…sometimes that kick in the pants is helpful.

    I’m going for NANO this year, too, but I’m totally not following the rules. They didn’t work for me last year- I quit the novel I started on November 1 on Thanksgiving day and started a new one. I haven’t finished either. I’m using the idea of NANO this year to help me finish the second one. I have approximately 37 K written on my WIP and I’m going to use the goal of 50 K to finish it up finally. Hopefully. But I won’t count myself as a true NANO winner. It’s just good to have the motivation.

    I think anyone who writes against a goal is a winner. I realize you’re not QUITE inside the rules, but you’ll be a winner in my eyes if you just accomplish your goal.

    What’s your project called? Friend me on NANO- I’m rach_elle there.

    My Project is tentatively called (and the title has been kicking my ass) “Her Majesty’s Aethership: Being a Scientific Romance Across the Heavens” and my Wrimo moniker is SerialStoryteller.

    I can’t wait to read more of your thoughts- post again soon!

    Trying to get more up tonight…although I curse myself every time I say that…

  3. Oh, and I meant to say- I know what you mean about “knowing the screen where your writing shows up is your mother’s.” My mom and I have an agreement. She can read my blog or my facebook profile, but she’s not allowed to tell me or let me know if any way that she is. It’s always weird when someone I know in real life mentions something from my blog. I like to think of it as a private outlet that only people who’ve never met me are reading, but it’s not true.

    I started this blog with the intention of just writing and not worrying about who read. For the most part I was OK, but the last post in the “What I’m Looking For” series was pretty personal, and covered a lot more people than just me. On the bright side, I’ve had it reviewed now by a couple of people involved, and other than some minor changes (School District names, slight changes in time-frames, etc.) I was pretty much spot on, even for details long before my time. But that’s because family history gets passed down a lot in my crowd, so I’s probably no surprise I was pretty clear on the salient details.

    Moving forward, I don’t think she’s going to continue reading, so I’m comfortable re-linking to Oregon Sunshine and putting back all the comments. At this point, I think we’re good.

  4. Ah, the whole benefits of anonymity debate. Pretty much everybody under the sun in my life has access to my blog…parents, my beloved Aunt Linda, co-workers, boss, you name it. It definitely lingers on my mind when I’m selecting topics. It keeps me accountable…and oftentimes quiet.

    When I started Bad Pants, I was really expecting it to be a more open and visible blog. I didn’t obscure names, I knew that a lot of people could find it, it wasn’t a secret…then I started doing a series that was really personal, and sometimes really personal gets into that danger zone where it affects more than just me. That’s where I decided I had to be careful and check in with people involved before they heard about it somewhere else. Message control I guess.

    I was just telling one of my co-workers today that I wish I had a completely anonymous blog because I’m dying to tell the story about when an ex asked me to buy a kitty litter box and air purifier for my apmt when he visited. I think that might be the funniest thing I’ve ever exerienced, yet there’s a chance the person has access. So I’ll sneak it into a comment instead.

    What is it with people and cats? It’s a freaking cat…why does this have to be a big deal?

    I’m not sure an anonymous blog would work anyway. I can’t keep a secret to save my life…so the false sense of security could lead me to say stuff that I’d regret having to claim when I inevitably let info about my “secret” blog slip.

    I was pretty sure I wasn’t in regret territory, but I wanted to be be safe rather than sorry.

    Enough babbling.

    Babbling runs in my family, it will always be welcome here.

    I’m glad your writing is getting some of the recognition it deserves, and I’m glad all is well in Mr. and Mrs. Bad Pants Land.

  5. The majority of the problem with needing to remove traces of me from the blog for a bit because his ex, whom I’ve vented about, was going to be at his parents’ house the next day, after his mother read his blog. All I needed was for Mrs Ex to find my blog. She’s already campaigned to get rid of me. No need for her to poison my step-daughter against me any additionally. Oh, and I’d just vented about the real reason his parents won’t visit.

    Anyways, that’s MY reason for asking him to pull my links and comments temporarily. My blog is my free space to vent and say what I think.

    And that’s what I wanted to get across, you asked me to take the link and comments down. I’m very proud of your blog and I would want anyone to find and read your stuff. But, I’m also all about privacy from in-laws and ex’s and all that jazz.

  6. Charming… I’m glad you’re back. It’s been a while and I’ve missed your snarkiness.

    AWW, that’s such an awesome compliment! This comment reminded me that I need to add you and Nandango to my blogroll. I read both blogs regularly, but I’ve been crap about keeping my list updated. I’ll fix that shortly.

    I understand the need to edit your stuff. I had some people make a few remarks to me which prompted me to erase parts of my life and encouraged my disappearance from all social media for a while. I’m cautiously back.

    Well I’m glad you’re back. It’s been a rough year for a lot of the bloggers in my sphere of awareness, so I totally understand. I’ve been essentially MIA for weeks, but I’m hoping to get quite a bit in this month and kick off next year with a new resolution for consistent blogging.

    It’s sad because you want to be you but when people are offended by the real me, it’s kind of a buzz kill.

    I, for one, vote for more “real” Pammy Girl. I’ll still read even if you aren’t the perfect princess of perfecthood. I promise. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

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