What I’m Looking For – Line 8

These city walls

For a March morning, it wasn’t particularly cold. Some of the other pedestrians around me on the sidewalks were still bundled up, but most of us were simply in our suit jackets or spring coats. I could see all the way down Wall street to the exchange, with the giant American flag suspended in front of the roman columns above the entry.

I was surprised how narrow Wall Street felt. The huge buildings on either side were towing over us, almost chocking out the grey sky. Across from us was Tiffany’s and Co. and I was almost to the Trump building where I was still early for my appointment on the 37th floor.

As I looked back up the street, I saw it. So out of place in this row of ultramodern concrete and steel behemoths. Dark and gothic, with spires and details almost garish compared to the flat things around it, seemingly made from bricks carved from some kind of blackened sandstone.

Somehow, it silently cried out to the countless bustling people swarming down the sidewalks “Stop! What you are running to is NOT as important as what you will find in here!”

But the people didn’t hear it. They didn’t even seem to see it. Like it was invisible in plain sight.

I made my way to the lobby of the Trump building, but not before taking one more glance over my shoulder up towards Trinity Church at the far end of the street.

A blast of wind blew past me just as I was turning away, coming straight from the old church at the far end of the road. Through the car horns and doormen and taxi callers, I could almost hear something carried on the gust as it washed over me, “…what you will find in here.”

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5 thoughts on “What I’m Looking For – Line 8

  1. Will I be a jerk if I point out a couple of mis-spellings in this piece?

    Nope, I’ve always appreciated copy editors. If there are obvious (or even not so obvious) spelling or usage issues, I’d always want people to point them out.

    But the people didn’t here (hear) it. They didn’t even seem to see it. Like it was invisible in plane (plain) sight.

    A blast of wind blew past me just as I was turning away, coming strait (straight) from the old church at the far end of the road.

    Oy, all of those were embarassing…and now fixed. Thanks!

    Of course maybe those were intentional. Sadly, no…

    This was incredibly appropriate for a Sunday morning. Did you ever go in the church?

    Keep reading, the “What I’m Looking For” posts are all a part of a larger piece with a running theme/connection.

  2. Oy! You don’t get a lot of “oy’s” these days- love it. Yeah, I love that word.

    Sorry if it’s obnoxious to correct, but I can’t help myself. I notice that kind of stuff and then I can’t focus on what I’m reading.

    No, no…I’m totally the same way. And honestly, I don’t mind proof reading. All I will say is that I’m embarassed that I posted that without a proofread. I’m not one to believe that my writing is pristine on the first go-round (or ever for that matter). I edit plenty, and I’m just ashamed that I posted a draft with that many errors.

    But, I do NOT mind the proofread.

    And you don’t have to worry about me to “keep reading”- you know I will!

    Glad to hear it! :-)

  3. Where’s Line 9???

    Literally working on it when this comment came in. I had it written and scheduled…but I hated it. Hated it so much I couldn’t post it. I have lines 10-18 already done and saved or drafted and waiting for touch up…I just can’t seem to get this one done. I’d say I’m over-thinking it…but it doesn’t even feel thought out at all.

    Line 9 is kicking my ass. Hopefully up before the end of the day…

  4. Sorry, I keep distracting him. First, with excitement over my finds. And now to chase a wasp that got into the house. Oh, and he’s making dinner.

    Sadly, I didn’t use that post either and ended up writing the one I just posted from scratch. So, you’re off the hook for distracting me. :-)

  5. Yay for me! I didn’t even have to use the excuse of having yelped and went running because I dripped battery acid on myself from the leaky batteries in my old flashlight. (Now, that was a bit of excitement!)

    Good Times

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