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A long time ago, I wrote a lot.  After that I didn’t write much at all.  Then, I tried to start up a new blog, and it was going to be focused on the writing I do “for money”.  Actual storytelling, not just “random shit from my brain” blog posts.

And then life reminded me that I already have a full-time job and I’m busy and blah-blah-blah (insert other excuses here).

So I recently bought a snazzy new netbook with a full sized keyboard and a large enough screen that I can actually use the thing and see a full page in Word.  I thought, “Hey, if I have a way to sit on my lazy ass on the couch and write, I’d become mister super writer dude and get everything I’ve ever wanted to write written, and then I’d be awesome!  And Stuff.”

But the only way to make the purchase worthwhile is to actually use it, so I’m also gonna participate in NaNoWriMo again this year.  I won’t be talking about this much here, athough I do hope that this new burst of creative inspiration will carry over here and drive me to post more and kick this place back up again.

You can follow along over at SerialStoryteller.com if you’d like to see the stuff I write that is more “for money” and less “for self-psychoanalysis” and peek into the process as I plug away at the 50,000 word NaNoWriMo goal.

Either way, here’s to a more creative November!

One thought on “(Other Stuff by Me)

  1. So, how’d you do? Cause I read your first two sentences…and then nothing. Still singing the praises of the new netbook, or waiting until your iPad (*cringe*) arrives in the mail? :)

    Epic fail. It turned out to be about the worst month possible for me to try. I’ll try again this year…but I don’t really expect the mid-fourth-quarter consulting window to be any more open next time either.

    As for the netbook, I LOVE it.

    As for the iPad (iMaxi, iPon, i-[insert feminine product joke here], etc.) I want it desperately, but not as a replacement for my netbook…I just want one for the chance to have my beloved iPhone experience on a larger scale; including books, magazine and other print media along with the already killer media capabilities of the platform for video, music, games, and apps.

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