I am, I will honestly admit, a grammar and spelling snob. That being said, I am also human and prone to mistakes. Misspelling a word won’t make me hate you. Intentionally (and repeatedly) spelling cool as kewl, dropping apostrophes, and using all caps will make me loath [see comment below] you. (Also, it will likely prevent me from approving your comment, just FYI.)

Still, I am far from the worst grammar/spelling-nazi on the internet. In fact, I’m probably not even in the top thousand or so. Whereas, this person…this person is a demi-god:


It’s one thing to be a spelling and grammar psycho on the internet…it’s friggin AWSOME to be one in the gritty reality of life.

I wish I had even the slightest clue who staged this photo, I’d give them full attribution and credit. Alas, I do not have that info, so up it goes unattributed. I have no idea where I got this image from, but I’ve had it for at least a couple of years. It makes me smile every time I stumble upon it in the bowels of my personal files archive, so I thought I would share it with the world at large.

5 thoughts on “(Orthografitti)

  1. “using all caps will make me loath you”

    LoathE you. Loathe. The verb is loathe, just as the verb is breathe. You are loath to do something; you loathe something. Just saying.

    You are, of course, completely correct. I’m leaving the mistake in there, as I find the post MUCH funnier with the grammatical “issue” than without.

    Also, although I do not dispute the awesomeness of the correcting graffiti-er, I find it sort of appropriate to misspell anarchy. It’s anarchic!

  2. I am a horrible speller, this works well as spell check is everywhere. Obvious grammar errors bother me (ie they’re there their) But when I am writing, and I cannot figure out a way to NOT end a sentence with a preposition, I usually say eff it.

  3. Okay well if you had ever met some of these all-caps people in person, you would understand that some of us ACTUALLY TALK LIKE THIS WHEN WE GET REALLY WORKED UP IN OUR OBSESSION WITH ALL THINGS SNARKY OR FUCKTARDED.

    That is all.
    –steps down off soap box, kicks box into gutter, stomps off–

    Based solely on this inspired defense of ALL CAPS writing, I hereby decree that all overeducated people, and all nymphos, are allowed to use ALL CAPS if they want to.

    Determining the applicability of this exemption will remain the purview of the management.

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