I’m In Too!

After reading about the “Post a Day” or “Post a Week” challenges at wordpress (via Allison’s post), I’ve decided that I need some kind of kick in the pants and I’ll join too. Even one post a week would bring me to fifty-two posts in a year, which is nearly double what I managed last year.

So…if I’ve gone five days with no new posts, I encourage you all to metaphorically beat me soundly about the head and shoulders until I get something into your feed readers or RSS do-hickys or whatever it is that you use to read new posts.

Feed-Readers are a bit mysterious to me, as I just use the links running down the side of my page to open each blog in a new tab…I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but in general I’m just old-school when it comes to blogs I guess.

Any way, here’s to more output in 2011!

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10 thoughts on “I’m In Too!

  1. you keep promising to post more often- I’ll believe it when I see it!

    haha- I’m rooting for you- I think you can do it!

    Yeah, I’m kind of working up a new year’s resolution post that goes over the five things I want to improve this year. Writing more is pretty much at the top of the list.

  2. Kick in the (Bad) pants– I like it!

    Hummmm…perhaps I should be ever so slightly afraid…

    Funny you should mention the RSS stuff. I tried to use some kind of google reader thing to keep up with my blogroll, but I didn’t like it because it didn’t look like the blog page (no header pictures or such).

    Exactly my biggest complaint as well.

    So then I manually clicked down everybody on my blogroll, which was extremely inefficient because many o my blogroll don’t publish regularly (which is another topic altogether), and I would get frustrated and just stop checking at all.

    Which is something that happens to me every year as well…and sorry for being one of those lame-o’s who stopped posting. My bad.

    Anyhow, WordPress added a ‘subscribe’ button on the toolbar at the top, and now I can just go to the ‘read my subscriptions’ thingie on my dashboard. It’s made it so much easier to keep up with everybody. And I get to see the blog header images.

    As I’m a “wordpress.org” blog and not a “wordpress.com” blog, my dashboard tools are different-esque and I will go days and days without logging in to the wordpress.com dashboard. I’ll have to look at that and see if it will satisfy my blog-reading hunger.

    I apologize for rambling.

    Apology NOT accepted. Rambling is not, and never will be, a crime here. I ramble a lot, and if we’re going to start apologizing for natural, friendly behavior, then soon we will all have to apologize for reading, commenting, and eventually breathing.

    Ramble away my dear, ramble away.

    Back to the point. You can do it.

    Thanks, I’m actually quite resolved to make this a priority this year.

    I don’t know what a pony beater is, but I’m pretty sure OS isn’t bluffing.

    A “pony beater” is shorthand in our house for an 18″ stiff whip-flex riding crop with a broad folded-leather tip. It hurts like a son-of-a-bitch and also makes a very satisfying, sharp slapping sound when you have a hide as thick as a horse; it’s plain brutal on people-skin. OS has several; and no, OS is not kidding. *shudder*

  3. I have never used to pony beater on you, just threatened with it! LOL! And really, it doesn’t hurt my horses so much as just catch their attention.

    My Ass it doesn’t. Ponies wouldn’t back away if it tickled. I’m just sayin’.

    Actually, I don’t have a horse that needs encouragement of that sort right now anyways. So, it’s just collecting dust in the garage.

    Like nuclear weapons, it’s existence is usually enough threat to encourage diplomatic relations.

    It hasn’t been used in years, not since our naughty Arab colt found a new home. (Then, it was to “get after him” for invading my space in a dangerous sort of way or for the ONE time he tried to bite me. I don’t weigh 1000# or have flying hooves, so as a tool to get attention, it is a necessary evil sometimes.) Oh wait! I might have chased coyotes with it a couple times last year.

    Yeah, to be clear, OS has never used a pony beater on a non-pony to my knowledge (although there really were some coyotes that almost got a whoopin’ when they got too close to the goats last spring).

    The pony beater (or “hint stick” as we call it) is a family boogie-man threat used to discourage naughty behavior in children and threaten recalcitrant husbands who haven’t done some necessary chore, by threatening to “give them a hint” on the butt (for kids) or upside the head (for husbands).

  4. Do you need a swift kick in your bad pants to actually follow through with this????

    Perhaps. OS already threatened me, so I guess the more the merrier. :-)

  5. I have nothing to do this weekend, I’ll drive down to Georgia in my highest heels and kick as hard as I can…

    Oh PLEASE do not give OS any ideas (or help). That being said, you are always welcome to come for a visit.

  6. Friendly nudge.

    I wasn’t going to edit in my response until I’d posted, but all three drafts are still sitting there. As drafts.

    I read your post last night and felt inspired again, which lasted all of two paragraphs. I’ll try again tonight. And I thank you for your nudge.

    Even across great distances, and the gulf of semi-anonymity, you are still a good and true friend. Thank you for that.

  7. I’m beginning to think he quit blogging. Just because he got a new toy (ipad)…

    I did not quit. I just…slowed down.

    I did threaten to take it away, but he laughed at me.

    I’ve done more writing on the iPad in two weeks than I did in the month before I got it. Now if I can just turn that writing into productivity…

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