Happy Birthday!…

…to Oregon Sunshine. She turns thirty-something-young years old today. It generally sucks to have a birthday so close to a major gift holiday, as everyone just did the whole “I bought you stuff” thing and merriment fatigue seems to set in…

But not this year! We’ve got fun things on tap, her favorite dinner on the menu, and she’s planning a day-long horse movie marathon with the girls (and Dude if they can drag him away from the computer).

So to her I say, “I wish you a wonderful, peaceful, restful, and enjoyable birthday. Now sit back, relax, and leave the rest of the day to us.”

I love you, you deserve a day off your feet and not worrying about anything other than what fun thing to do next.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!…

  1. Thank you! I enjoyed my coffee, book, bagel and dog in bed this morning. And not having to carry water!

    I’m glad the day started on the right foot.

    Except, I felt a wee bit helpless because I can’t carry it.

    Don’t feel helpless, feel helped. That’s kind of the point. :-)

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